Revelers may assume any fizzy beverage they are served is champagne, by the true definition of the word, they actually may be drinking something else - one of many varieties of sparkling wine. True champagne Authentic champagne is named after…
05 Mar

Use Beer to Make Tastier Tacos

Tacos are a beloved dish, and few things complement a tasty taco better than a cold beer. Ambitious home cooks who want to combine these two tailor-made companions can thank the Stone Brewing Co. for the following recipe for "Arrogant…
Nearly every holiday shopper has at least one person on their list who seemingly has everything. When shopping for such loved ones, shoppers often find the perfect gift to be especially elusive. While gift cards are a go-to fallback option…
Celebrations take place throughout the year. Be it birthdays or anniversaries, these celebrations often entail giving gifts. But exchanging tokens of affection need not be exclusive to lavish affairs or special occasions. Sometimes gifts can be given to show thanks…
26 Feb

Hobbies for the Golden Years

Whether retirement is on the horizon or has already begun, more free time equates to an increased opportunity to fill your days with enjoyable activities. Individuals facing busy schedules are often forced to push hobbies to the sidelines, as more…
To some men, the major food groups include burgers, chicken wings and beer. Whether hanging out with buddies watching a game on TV or firing up the grill for a backyard barbecue, many men prefer beer as their beverage of…
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Paint & Sip is a wonderful creative experience that will allow you and your friends to unwind, enjoy, and relax. Located in Huntington, WV, Paint & Sip offers two hour classes from local artists, so you can create your unique painting under professional guidance, while relaxing with a refreshment of your choice!

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