26 Mar

Pairing Food with Beer

For many amateur cooks, the joy of cooking lies in trying new things. But trying new things need not be limited to ingredients or exotic dishes. Sometimes unique food and beverage pairings can be just as eye-opening as the cuisine…
19 Mar

Coloring a Popular Adult Hobby

Coloring books are no longer just child's play. In recent years, adult coloring books have flown off of the shelves at craft retailers and bookstores, turning what was once a niche hobby into a popular and lucrative trend.
16 Mar

Did You Know?

Children have long been drawn to expressing themselves through art. According to developmental experts, coloring stimulates creativity, contributes to better handwriting, teaches color recognition, and can promote hand-eye coordination. Coloring books can help children learn to recognize boundaries and structure…
The "reduce, reuse and recycle" movement has grown increasingly popular as more men, women and children look to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. By considerably cutting back on waste, people are doing their part to reduce the size of landfills, safeguard natural…
Children can be rough on their toys, and many a toy has found its way into the garbage pile long before parents could have imagined it would when they purchased the item. But there are various, easy ways to rehabilitate…
09 Mar

Emerging Trends in Crafting

"Why buy it when you can make it yourself?" is a mantra many crafters or do-it-yourselfers live by. Crafting can be an excellent outlet for self-expression and an entertaining way to pass the time. Many crafters even turn their hobbies…
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Paint & Sip is a wonderful creative experience that will allow you and your friends to unwind, enjoy, and relax. Located in Huntington, WV, Paint & Sip offers two hour classes from local artists, so you can create your unique painting under professional guidance, while relaxing with a refreshment of your choice!

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